Our brand is a tribute to travel, all the places we have been, and all the places we hope to go one day.

We look forward to the day that international travel (and our beloved domestic tourism industry) can return to a form of functional normality.

Our travel clothes and accessories are designed and produced in Peru, created by travel addicts for travel lovers.

Now we can all take a bit of “that feeling of travel” home and to inspire you to continue traveling with our products we leave you our Manifesto:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like…

Go around the world aimlessly.
Change the American dream for the Spanish siesta.
Feeling like you are moving in your own time zone so as never to be early, or simply too late.

At AKUNAY we want to inspire you to make your life a journey, so that you do not wait for the journey of your life. Plan your next adventure, become the center of your world. Be the north of your compass.
At AKUNAY we invite you to live with STATUS VIAJERO.